Who we are?

The Management Team

Mr Bang Vo

Bang Vo launched the company Sunsmiles in 2006, with a MBA and Lawyer diploma, he manage the Visa process to all embassy and organize travel for all the applicants. Now he starts VIETS.VN to be the Preferred Company for study and travel abroad to Australia, France, Japan, Korea and USA.

Mr Raymond

MBA in Finance and Tax planning, Business owner and living in France moved to Vietnam to promote education abroad for student in Vietnam. He has a large network in USA, Europe and Asia Pacific in Hospitality and Real Estate. He is charge with Universities in Korea, Japan, Australia, USA and Europe.


French citizen with solid background in Sales and Marketing, she will be in charge to prepare all student to communicate in French and English before they go to study abroad.

Mr. Morgan

Business owner of IT company operating in France and Switzerland, he developed website, e commerce and will be our main connection in Europe for the University


Director of Food and Beverage Company in Switzerland, USA (Los Angeles), France and UK, International experience.


CEO of Company in Medical Care in USA for more than 20 years with business in Vietnam, Andre develop many successful business in many country.