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General Admission Procedures for Foreign Students

Admission Preparation step

  1. Selection of university and department. Visit website of each university make inquires at Korea embassy in home country (refer to http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr)
  2. Meet requirement and prepare documents for entrance application
  3. Send entrance application and related documents
  4. Receive entry confimation

Immigration Preparation

  1. Prepare necessary visa documents (Make inquires at Korean embassy in home county, visit website – www.immigration.go.kr)
  2. Apply for visa
  3. Acquire visa

Change status of stay

Foreigners must receive permission to change status of their stay if they want to participate in new activities which are not relevant or permitted for current status.


Application Period

* Before engage in activities beyond the current visa status
* Within 30 days if foreigner’s status is changed (only foreigners with Diplomacy/ Official Mission/ Agreements status)

Attached Documents

* Application of permission for change of status
* Passport
* Foreign Registration Card
* Attached Document per  Status
* Fee

For detailled information, please visit the Korea Immigration Service website (http://www.hikorea.go.kr)
 Source: Korea Immigration Service (http://www.hikorea.go.kr)

Extension of stay

Permission for Extension of Stay

In case of expiration of permission of stay, the foreigner shall receive permission for  extension of stay if he/she desires to stay continuously in Korea

Extension of stay

Attached Documents

* Application of Permission for Extension of Stay
* Passport
* Foreign Registration Card  (If applicable)
* Attached Documents par  Status of Stay
* Fee