American Education savings


Savings like?

Systems of Illinois Eastern Community Colleges (IECC), established in 1969, is funded from the government to study costs and living at a very reasonable, estimates total $ 17.900 / year. IECC annual cost at only a third even just half the tuition of other schools within the same area, enabling all students have an equal opportunity to pursue careers and school learning success in attracting students worldwide. Currently, the large presence of international students from over 40 countries.

Rich choice and easy

4 base schools: Fairfield, Robinson, Olney and Mt. Carrnel. All are conveniently located in the city near major recreation centers, restaurants, parks …

According to the criteria to create optimal conditions for the students, the school has diverse academic programs that students can choose from:

Dual High School Completion Program (completed high school and community college in the United States), for students enrolled subjects 10 or 11 grade (16-17 years old)
Program 2 + 2: for students K-12, to the USA Community College for 2 years, then forward to learning more public universities in the United States to study the famous last 2 years University.
The school’s main fields: Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Graphic Design, Digital Technology, Media Studies, Public Relations, Environmental Biology, Applied Physics, Astronomy learn,…